„Film-making encompasses everything, from tricking people into investing in it, to putting on the show,

to trying to distill down to moments in time, and ape reality but send this other message.

It's got everything. It's four-dimensional chess,

it's strategy, and it's being painfully honest, and unbelievably deceitful, and everything in between“

(David Fincher)



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D 2020 | switch-up comedy | Warner Bros. Pictures, Pantaleon Films 

D 2018 | Tragicomedy | Warner Bros. Picture,  Pantaleon Films 


What if you could slip into someone else's life without anyone noticing? For the two boys Danny and Ludwig, this dream becomes a reality. But the spontaneous idea harbors some unplanned surprises that plunge the summer vacation into chaos.


After her adventurous brother dies in a car crash, a neurotic, broke girl, who can't choose, what to do with her life, goes on the adventure, he wasn't able to take - the Antarctic.




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D 2014 | Tragicomedy | 27 Min 

 D 2012 | Science-Fiction | 14 Min 

D  2012 | Film Noir | 15 Min  


About Me

Director. Filmmaker. Editor. 

© Bernd Spauke 

1982 born in Saarbrücken • shot his first film at the age of sixteen

after school he finished training as media designer in Düsseldorf

created short films and music videos, worked as director and editor in Düsseldorf  

2007 first award at a short film festival with his movie „Clooney“

2010-2014 he studied directing at ifs international filmschool cologne

since 2013 member of the European Web Video Academy • 2014 Bachelor of Arts

since 2014 he works as director for various feature and commercial films

2018 feature film debut with „A Jar Full of Life“

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